About Bennie Mayberry

In 2011, I discovered the power of Numerology by accident. I was introduced to it overhearing a conversation by a lady sitting close to me. I never heard of Numerology before so to hear her talking about Numbers as if she was talking about Astrology was fascinating. After her conversation, I asked her how I could learn more about Numerology, she suggested some books, and it was full speed from there.

What I loved about Numerology was that for me it was incredibly easy to learn than Astrology. I was able to pick up on the concept a lot faster. But more importantly, I was able to identify patterns that unlocked some of the biggest mysteries I had about myself in overcoming some of my personal challenges. The awareness alone changed my life.

As I begin to study more and more about Numerology, I started to feel my life change and become more harmonic and balanced. This was simply because I had a greater awareness of who I was and how I operate to get success. I also started to study predictive numerology and learn how to maximize opportunities during the days, months, and years and my life really took off.

Sooner or later, I started sharing this gift of knowledge to my friends and relatives. For the longest, this was something I kept inside. But once I started to see people light up from the information and revelations I was sharing through Numerology, I felt a larger responsibility to help people through his powerful tool as I help myself.

Now I provide Numerology readings, coaching, and classes for anyone to learn the transformative power that is Numerology. By working and following me, I will show you how to maximize the numbers that have most transformative power in your chart. Want to take it a step future, schedule a reading with me and let’s see how numbers can change your life!

Bennie Mayberry is a leading expert in Numerology and personal development. He also founded Positive Minded People, a meetup organization in Los Angeles with over 3000 members to focus on personal development events, workshops, and volunteerism in Los Angeles.